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P.A.F Insurance Services LLC, is a division of Pacific Atlantic Freight LLC. We are a fully licensed: Insurance Brokerage Agency, Freight Shipping Broker and Freight Forwarder, originally established in 1984 in Los Angeles, California. As a licensed insurance agency, we specialize in transportation related lines of insurance, such as: Shipping Insurance, Cargo Insurance, Freight Insurance, Moving Insurance, Transport/transit Insurance, and other Transport related lines of insurance. We can provide individual insurance certificates to cover single shipments (one time), as well as annual policies to cover frequent shippers with many shipments. We also service insurance for freight brokers, freight forwarders and truckers.

Being that our parent company is a freight shipping company, we understand first hand the need to protect your valuable goods and/or freight and cargo shipments against damage or loss while in transit. Even the leading freight shipping, cargo carriers and moving companies only provide the minimum legal liability cargo insurance coverage of $0.60 per pound. For example, If your shipment is worth $5,000 but it only weighs 500 lbs, in the event of a loss you would only receive $300, no matter what the actual loss value was. That’s not sufficient and many find this out the hard way.

We established our Shipping Insurance Agency to provide our clients with peace of mind by offering the much needed service of primary shipping insurance coverage based on the actual full value of the goods (not weight) and on a custom per shipment basis. Through our specialized freight forwarder cargo policies and access to top (A+) rated insurers, we are able to issue customized insurance certificates for each shipment to properly protect your goods during transit. If you are a frequent shipper, we can provide you with your own policy for annual coverage. You can choose from total loss, to the broadest all risk coverage, depending on what you are concerned with occurring during transit and how well your goods are packaged.

The insurance coverage we offer is provided and underwritten direct from leading A rated insurance companies, so that we can provide you with full comprehensive primary cargo insurance coverage options not provided by the freight carriers. This coverage is in excess to the limited liability of the freight carriers and is primary in the event of a loss. Our partner insurers are rated “A” by the leading, independent, third party financial analysis companies such as: AM Best, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch, because of their excellent financial strength ratings and claims payment history.

Most importantly, because we are also a freight company (in addition to being an insurance broker), we have access to a special type of cargo insurance created specifically for Shippers, freight brokers, freight forwarders & cargo logistics providers. Therefore, we are able to acquire discounted rates direct from the insurer, based on our own shipping volume, allowing us to arrange coverage on your behalf, usually at lower rates than other non-specialty insurance agencies or brokers.

We are happy to be able to arrange & place coverage immediately upon approval and issue you your own custom cargo insurance certificate/policy to print right from your computer. Our easy online quote form takes just a few minutes to fill out.

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