The Insurance company groups items into categories according to the risk level associated with those items. Higher risk categories have higher insurance rates. This is is the list of all the insurance categories with definitions of what is included in each category. Examples of the most commonly shipped items are listed under each category.

If you don’t find your items on the list below, please call us Toll free at: 1-800-541-0700 or email us at: and we will tell you which category your item falls under. Your policy needs to be issued under the appropriate category to ensure you are properly covered. Please select your category on the order form according to the definitions below:


General Merchandise/General Cargo Such as:

NEW or refurbished goods that are not specifically subject to breakage such as:

Fabrics, Clothes, Textiles, Metal and Plastic Items, Toys, Books, Shoes, Stationery, Brand New Furniture without any Glass, Products in Iron Drums, Housework Articles, Tools, Ironmongery (Metal hardware), Taps, Wire, Bicycles, Domestic Appliances, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Ovens, Cookers, Grills, Fridges etc, Automobile and Motorcycle parts, Engines, Transmissions, etc.


Branded Goods Such as:

Such as: Brand name Goods, Cosmetics, Sports Goods, Fishing/Hunting Equipment, Perfumes, Garments, Eye ware, Silverware, Leather goods/leather wear.


Precision Instruments Such as:

Machinery that is prone to breakage, Any type of Instrument, Scientific instruments, Medical and Dental instruments, Typewriters, etc.


Machinery (which is not prone to Breakage) Such as:

Heavy Material Machinery, Building Site Vehicles, Generators, Road Works Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Wheelchairs, Spare Parts and Accessories.


Fragile Goods Such as:

Such as: Enamelware, Glassware, Sanitary ware, Chinaware, Potteries, Crystal ware, Bulbs, Neon lights, Tubes, Cathode Ray Tubes, Furniture with Glass, Fragile Medical and Dental equipment, ANYTHING containing Glass, etc.

(Subject to 3% Excess of Total Sum Insured)


Bottled Products, (excluding Beverages) Such as:

Such as: Non hazardous Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Products in Bottles, Food and Liquids in Bottles.


Non-Perishable Food Such as: Food and Pharmaceutical Products in Tins, Cans, Paper and Liquid Items in Tins.


Bottled Beverages Such as: Any type of bottled beverage (Liquors included).


Automobiles, Motorbikes Such as: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Motored scooters, ATV Vehicles, etc.


Household Goods and Personal Effects : are defined as anything in a household/residential move such as furniture and any other household item (appliances, electronics, art work, china etc) as well as Personal Effects. All residential moves are considered household goods by the underwriter.


Frozen Foods Such as: All frozen foods, other than meat.


Frozen Meat Such as: All Frozen Meat.


Chemicals & Hazardous Materials Such as: Hazardous Chemicals & Substances.


Fine Arts Such as:

Art Sculptures, Paintings, Framed Photos, Antiques, All Art Without Glass, etc. (With glass is fragile goods)


Steel Sheets, Coils, Bars, Billets and the like Such as: Steel sheets, coils, bars etc.


Yachts and Boats Such as: Motor Boats, Sail boats, Yachts.


Computers Such as: desktop computers (PC, MAC), CPU’s, Laptops/notebooks, servers, monitors, computer display screens, main frames, computer chips and computer components.


Electronics such as: Radios, Audio/stereo equipment, Cameras, computer printers, other printers, Photocopiers, Sorters, Scanners, Plotters, All Televisions, (Analog, HDTV, Plasma), TV Receiver Sets, Projectors, DVD Players, DVR (DVD Recorders), Digital Interactive Receivers (Tivo etc), VCR’s, Video Data Equipment, Telephones and Telephone Equipment, play station’s, X-box, video games, consoles, Lucent Switches and Cables, Medical/Dental and Scientific Equipment containing Electronics, Electronic Vending Machines, Electronic Juke Boxes, Electronic Slot Machines, Any Machinery or Equipment containing Electronics that make up 60% or more of its value, etc.


Cell Phones Such as: Cell Phones and PDA’s (iphone, treo, blackberry, blackjack etc.) handheld digital computers (palm pilots etc).


Telescopes Such as: Any type of telescope.