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Many Shipments per Month

For Frequent Shippers, Freight Brokers, Forwarders or Third Party Logistics (3PL)


We are a licensed insurance broker agency and our parent company is a cargo/freight shipping broker, servicing shipments for over 31 years. This experience has given us an insider view and deep understanding of the lack of shipping insurance coverage being provided by most of the cargo carriers and the need for specialty full value based shipping insurance to properly protect your shipments.

That’s why, we established our very own shipping insurance division and are offering primary shipping insurance coverage based on the actual full replacement value of your goods, not based on their weight (ie: 0.50 cents per lb.)

We want you to have peace of mind in knowing that your shipment is properly protected by a top rated cargo insurer with the broadest coverage options, highest financial ratings, and claims payment stability. We are proud to offer you Primary shipping insurance from “A” rated insurers, who specialize in this unique type of shipping insurance.


Would you like to properly protect yourself with the right coverage, save time, money and aggravation and never worry about your shipments again?

Whether you’re an individual looking to insure a single shipment/move or a commercial shipper, freight forwarder or logistics provider needing to cover multiple shipments, we can provide you with the proper shipping insurance coverage you need to protect your goods for their full value, in less than 5 minutes, with no paperwork and at a fraction of the cost.


We provide shipping insurance for all modes of transport:

Truck Shipping Insurance
Air Shipping Insurance
Ocean Shipping Insurance

Financial Strength & Reliability You can Count on! Coverage from Insurers rated A by AM Best and A+ by Standard & Poor’s.

AM Best and Standard & Poor’s are the leading providers of ratings, risk evaluation and financial data for the insurance industry worldwide. They’re independent shipping insurance rating experts who publish the financial strength ratings of all insurance companies. Their ratings measure an insurance company’s ability to pay out a claim and long term financial stability.


We provide “Primary” Shipping Insurance Coverage for all types of shipments worldwide, not only the limited “Contingent” shipping insurance offered by freight carriers & moving co’s.

Did you know that when you move your goods by Air, Ocean or Land with any shipping carrier and damage or loss occurs, the “contingent” shipping insurance they offer will pay you only:

• $0.60 per pound, for goods shipped by Land
• Total of $500, for goods shipped by Ocean
• Up to $20 per kilogram, for goods shipped by Air

That’s not much and by law that’s all they are required to pay you, because contingent shipping insurance is entirely dependent upon the carriers legal liability and their terms and conditions (tariffs).

You can purchase a higher value shipping insurance coverage with some carriers, but at very high rates and the coverage is still limited by their liability and tariffs and based on the item weight. They do not cover high risk items such as: Household goods, fragile goods, artwork, electronics, jewelry or high valued items.

With Contingent shipping insurance, you risk being paid very little for your loss. Wouldn’t you rather be fully protected?


Primary shipping insurance repays you for Actual losses.

You can get coverage for the actual full $ value of your shipment, (not based on the weight). You can insure: Almost All items, even High risk, shipping to or from Any country (except Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or Cuba), with Any Carrier, by all modes of transport: Land, Ocean and Air.

And, unlike contingent coverage, it’s primary in the event of a loss. This means, it’s your main coverage and comes first regardless of the carriers liability or their terms and conditions. You can get peace of mind and not worry about your shipments with primary shipping insurance.